Features That Autoradios Can Offer

With exponential advancements in technology over the years, it was inevitable that autoradios also started featuring incredible features and quality for optimal user experience. If you enjoy listening to music while driving, an autoradio will undoubtedly make your driving experience better with impressive functionality and impeccable features.

A modern-day mitsubishi autoradio ensures features that have been implemented and tested over time, almost all of them being essential for usage according to the role they fulfill. Some of the latest features of autoradios are as follows:


These are the primary features of any autoradio. The basic function that any autoradio fulfills is to receive AM/FM signals from local stations and play music via CDs. Automobile products today provide a broad range of formats for CD playback.

GPS Navigation

This feature is one of the most important ones for this decade since it ensures location tracking accurate to 5 meters, no matter where you are. GPS navigation systems in autoradios are available on large, interactive touchscreens to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Bluetooth Connectivity

If you want to stream music or video wirelessly or value the option of hands-free calling, Bluetooth connectivity in an autoradio is the answer.

USB Connectivity/External Card Slot

Many autoradios have a USB port in which you can insert a USB with music/video as a source of media. If it supports the format of the media, the autoradio will play it with ease. Same goes for external SD cards which can be inserted into the dedicated card slot for media playback.

HD Radio

Unlike local AM/FM radio, HD radio enables the user to choose between many music stations via satellites. These stations also ensure HD sound quality to the user.

Back-Up Cameras

If your autoradio has a screen, this is an accessory that can be connected to it to help you while reversing, giving you a clear, unobstructed view of what is behind you. Back-up cameras automatically activate when the car goes into reverse mode.

Back-Up Sensors

Similar to back-up cameras, these are sensors that help with reversing.

DVD Playback

This feature comes with autoradios with large screens. DVD playback ensures the ease of watching high-quality DVD videos on your autoradio for optimal entertainment and user experience.

Headrest Screens

Installing into the headrests of the seats of a vehicle, headrest screens are also an addition to autoradio to ensure entertainment for passengers.